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Handcrafted with the finest planet friendly ingredients and a whole lot of nature-filled love! 🍃

Every Single Product You Buy Plants A Tree!

Discover Our Tinned Eco Friendly Candles

a winter walk nature candle

Save 20%! A Winter Walk Now Only £12.80 

Experience the magic of a winter walk through a frosty forest, where the crisp air tingles on your skin creating a magical, seasonal atmosphere that is both peaceful and energising. 

Transform your home into a cosy, winter wonderland with our best selling seasonal candle!

Luxury Wooden Wick Candles

Create a warm and glowing, nature filled ambience with our luxury wooden wick candles. Giving off a gentle crackle as they burn, these soy wax candles will bring a real sense of tranquility and calm to you and your home.

Under The Stars wooden wick candle